Survey finds Tuesday most popular day for sending e-mails

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Redwood City, Calif.--Tuesday is e-mail marketing day, according to a "Delivery Trends Report" from EmailLabs, an e-mail marketing automation provider.

Twenty-five percent of e-mail marketers surveyed said they transmit e-mail on Tuesdays. That compares with 15% on Mondays, 23% on Wednesdays, 18% on Thursdays and 16% on Fridays.

EmailLabs also reported that unsubscribe rates have declined. In the third quarter, the unsubscribe rate was 0.17%, compared with 0.19% in the second quarter and .29% in the first quarter.

The company cautioned that rather than signaling greater satisfaction with e-mail messages, the trend probably indicates recipients are now more likely to simply delete unwanted e-mails rather than officially unsubscribe.

--Carol Krol

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