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Challenge: Automotive Resources International (ARI) is a leading global fleet solutions provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, whose clients represent more than 425,000 vehicles on the road worldwide.

A few years ago, an annual survey of around 100 customers was performed using prepaid envelops. Reponses were compiled by hand and entered into an Excel spreadsheet.

“We were doing surveys various ways, with no control over the data,” Joe DeCosta, customer call center supervisor for ARI, whose own secretary handled the time-consuming and expensive—approximately 95 cents per envelop—survey mailings.

Solution: ARI turned to Inquisite, a technology company that automates data collection via the Web, including online surveys

“The technology from Inquisite enables survey respondents to submit issues and problems through a survey that is then e-mailed directly to the call center,” DeCosta said. “This not only allows the customer service team to have immediate customer feedback but also provides ARI with the ability to take fast action and address customer issue anywhere in the world.”

DeCosta tells of a recent survey reply that came into his e-mail late on a Sunday with an issue. “I called the customer the next day to address the concern,” he said. “This is a huge customer service win that has translated into higher customer loyalty and retention.”

DeCosta also has advice on how to handle surveys. “Keep them as short as possible—say, three fields,” he said. “Short and sweet, and [you’ll] get a great response rate.”

A recent online survey sent out to 233 recipients fetched 223 responses.

The survey technology helps ARI garner customer insight on issues such as driver satisfaction, overall fleet management, vehicle performance and auto remarketing.

As a part of the company’s annual client review, data from customer surveys are incorporated into customized presentations that include a detailed summary of a customer’s vehicle usage, expenses, savings and recommendations to improve fleet management. Most important, ARI decision-makers translate this valuable customer survey feedback and make it actionable throughout their business processes.

Inquisite’s survey tool, which emulates Microsoft Office, includes an invitation mechanism, a data collection engine and a survey reporting system that can output results to a Web site or integrate with PowerPoint or Excel.

Results: DeCosta’s department has seen cost savings and far quicker compilation of results thanks to the customer survey tool.

“There is nothing more valuable than addressing your customer’s issue with a sense of urgency, which speaks volumes about an organization’s commitment to customer care,” said Arturo Coto, CEO at Inquisite.

That success has led other ARI departments to use the system.

For example, ARI’s marketing group is currently surveying customers worldwide to determine exactly what their customers want. Generating as many as five surveys a month, ARI is also using Inquisite’s survey technology for employee satisfaction, which has proved to be so successful the company claims an impressive employee longevity rate and low turnover.

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