AT&T shows how the Internet can’t hide in new TV spots

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In a humorous effort to depict how AT&T can connect mobile users to the Internet no matter where they go, the telecom company has introduced new TV spots in its ongoing “The Internet Can’t Hide Anymore” campaign.

The two new spots were created by BBDO New York and BBDO Atlanta, and are a continuation of an effort it introduced last year for AT&T Laptop Connect.

“Laptop Connect overall is becoming more important to AT&T,” said Doug Walker, exec VP-managing director of BBDO Atlanta. “Growth in the category is really exploding, and we’d like to capture a larger share of that growth.”

The campaign targets mobile professionals who travel frequently and need to access business information such as presentations, documents and e-mail on the go.

The TV spots feature veteran news anchor and producer Bill Kurtis reporting from unusual locations.

In one spot, called “Amelia,” Kurtis is on a beach, where he has located missing pilot Amelia Earhart’s plane. “We’ve come to this island, and you’ll never believe what we’ve found,” Kurtis says, as he stands in front of a plane named “Amelia.” “The Internet—seems it can’t hide here either.”

He plugs an AT&T Laptop Connect Card into his notebook computer and shows how mobile workers can e-mail proposals, access customer database information and retrieve other business information at mobile broadband speeds.

In another spot, called “Fountain,” Kurtis has found the legendary fountain of youth, as people of all ages frolic in its waters.

Standing before a roaring waterfall, he inserts the AT&T Laptop Connect Card into his notebook and demonstrates how mobile professionals can download presentations and track company inventory on the go. “I’m Bill Kurtis, and I’ve just found … the Internet,” he says.

“It’s really a tongue-in-cheek look at how Bill Kurtis, a noted newsman, thinks he has found a terrific story,” Walker said. “The idea of finding these highly unusual locations—Amelia Earhart’s plane and the fountain of youth—was a way to go over the top and personify just how superior the coverage is that AT&T offers.”

The campaign also includes print and online ads, which began running earlier this year. The budget is undisclosed.

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