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Doremus Location: New York URL: Key executive: Carl Anderson, CEO Employees: N/A 2011 revenue: N/A 2011 b-to-b revenue: N/A Key clients: BNY Mellon, Corning, Hewlett-Packard Co., Johnson & Johnson, Owens-Illinois Major 2011 campaigns: Corning, “A Day Made of Glass,” online; Logitech, “Welcome to the New Office,” online; O-I, “Glass is Life,” print, online. Comments: Increased revenue by 11%; added new clients including BNY Mellon, Caterpillar, Dolby, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, Logitech, Schroders, QBE Insurance, Swift and Visa; b-to-b makes up 95% of total agency revenue. Doremus, New York, had its third straight year of double-digit revenue growth, despite the challenging economic climate. The agency picked up several new b-to-b accounts, including asset management company BNY Mellon, Caterpillar, Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, Logitech and b-to-b work for Visa. It also expanded work for existing clients including Corning Inc., HP and Owens-Illinois. “We are trying to create real movements for our clients to help drive demand for products and services, as well as real advocacy-based outcomes,” said Carl Anderson, CEO of Doremus. To do this, the agency is using a wide array of tools, from print to online video to social media, to tell stories that create awareness and brand advocacy. One of its most successful campaign stories of last year was an online video called “A Day Made of Glass,” which it created for specialty glass manufacturer Corning to show the role of glass in developing products of the future. To reach audiences including technology companies, manufacturers, investors and business influencers, Doremus created an online video that shows a world in which glass plays a dominant role in products from multimedia countertops to automobile navigational systems. The video became a viral hit on YouTube, with more than 17 million views by the end of the year. Interest was so strong that Corning created a live symposium with customers and prospects to discuss futuristic applications using glass. “(The video) really created a movement around the Corning glass offering,” Anderson said. “They are getting incoming calls from a host of different companies and industries that normally wouldn't think of glass as an ingredient, such as retail, entertainment and hospitals.” For Owens-Illinois, another client that manufactures glass—but for packaging rather than as a product ingredient—Doremus created an integrated campaign called “Glass is Life.” The goal of the campaign was to promote the benefits of glass as a packaging material compared with cans, cartons and plastics, such as protecting food, not leaching into the environment and the pure beauty of glass. The integrated campaign included print ads, online videos, social media and a microsite, and featured people telling stories about glass, from environmentalist Celine Cousteau (Jacques Cousteau's granddaughter) to award-winning Norwegian chef Geir Skeie. The ads were designed to have an emotional impact with different audiences, from brand managers to business leaders, and it succeeded in generating hundreds of leads for O-I. For new client Logitech, which makes computer peripheral products such as mice and keyboards, Doremus was charged with developing a campaign that would differentiate the brand in the hotly competitive office technology space. The agency kicked off a campaign in the fourth quarter called “Welcome to the New Office,” which shows how Logitech products can help people work from remote locations. The campaign included online videos, a new b-to-b section of the corporate website, collateral and channel marketing tools. “We are trying to create a movement around the products by showing how Logitech enables people to work everywhere in a functional way,” Anderson said. Also last year, Doremus launched a proprietary social media tool called Doremus Network Analysis (DNA), which it uses to gather intelligence about its clients' brands and products in social media channels to inform the development of business platforms and campaigns. -KM
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