Tag management allows marketers to track multiple digital channels


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Indeed, for marketers, failing to coordinate their Web tags can be costly. “Companies lose roughly 20% of their data due to how pixels load on the page,” said Nancy Marzouk, chief revenue officer at TagMan, which debuted in 2007 and boasts such clients as Travelocity and Vodafone. “On a confirmation page, this can directly affect the way they track, test and refine media—which is a key component of driving the highest ad spend ROI.” TagMan's SmartTag Loading & Tag Management technology creates a master tag, which sits at the top of the page and allows companies to manage how all their pixels are working on the their website in a user-friendly interface, Marzouk said. The master tag then populates all the subsequent tags from a single data source so it always equals 100%, as opposed to launching the pixels independently of one another, which results in a loss of data. “As the digital age continues to evolve, companies will inevitably need to use more technology to power their websites, which leads to potential issues with how data is processed,” Marzouk said. “By using a tag management system, marketers can combat these issues and ensure seamless data flow, which helps [them] to accurately make the right decisions through digital analytics.”

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