'Taxing' lifestyles, e-comedy and senior resurgence

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ALL WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES OFFICE WORKERS UNHEALTHY. launched an online Workplace Fitness program last month to shape up accountants working grueling hours during the current tax season, and those delaying New Year's fitness resolutions until after April 15. E-mail newsletter Your Daily Dose of Workplace Fitness offers cubicle exercises as well as nutrition and relaxation tips, while directing subscribers to the publication site to calculate body mass index, search books and share health recipes. “I was on the front lines of the busy-season battle for many years. Putting in long hours and eating junk food was the norm,” said Gail Perry, editor in chief of AccountingWEB, in a statement. “We want to reach out to our readers and give them easy, practical advice for staying in shape and not burning out.” Workplace Fitness also features a photo gallery of reader-submitted snapshots at the gym, taking on daily fitness challenges and promoting personalized work/life balances. Sift Media—comprised of AccountingWEB, Going Concern and USBusinessForums Web brands—caters to more than 170,000 member CEOs, CFOs, CPAs and technology consultants worldwide. —Tanya Meyer FRIDAY NIGHT LIVE. SEEING A FRESH OPPORTUNITY TO TAP INTO THE social media and mobile technology landscape, Hewlett-Packard Co. on Jan. 21 launched “HP ePrint Live.” The six-day, YouTube and Facebook series features comedian and former “Daily Show” correspondent Rob Riggle along with actors from the New York-based improv group Upright Citizens Brigade performing skits based on the suggestions of an online audience. Viewers were able to communicate with the cast, via HP's new ePrint technology, by sending text messages or pictures from their mobile devices to an onstage printer. “HP continues to explore new ways to engage with its consumers and give them unique content experiences whether they are at home or on the go,” said Tariq Hassan, VP-worldwide marketing and communications at HP's Imaging and Printing Group, about the campaign. One YouTube viewer also praised the show's video, “I think it's good that [HP] is going in new directions with this instead of what everyone is expecting.” The show can be viewed at or —Emma Garl Smith IN WITH THE OLD. ON JAN. 27, HOUSTON-BASED VENTURETECH, A manufacturer of oilfield drilling equipment, celebrated its third annual “GeezerFest,” commemorating what the company calls its “ultra-experienced” employees. GeezerFest evolved from a monthly employee appreciation luncheon combined with a birthday celebration of engineering designer Jim Strickland, Venturetech's oldest and wisest employee at 82. “Older workers, obviously, have valuable experience,” said Larry Keast, CEO of Venturetech, who hired Strickland, then age 70, after Strickland was laid off by another company. “I'm out to educate small-company CEOs that giving old-timers a second chance is good for their companies and workers.” Keast also started a nonprofit organization called America in Recovery, a free jobs site dedicated to connecting the older workforce with potential employers. “When you reach a certain age with some companies, they think you're through,” Strickland said of the stigma surrounding the hiring of job-seekers near retirement age. “I feel I have done some of my best work in the last 12 years.” —E.G.S.
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