Tech marketers use significantly different lead-gen tactics than nontech


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Given the ongoing reliance on content marketing, it's not surprising that tech marketers see this area as holding significant potential in the future. When asked how they might improve their lead-gen efforts in the next 12 months, 64% cited more or better content that shows their expertise versus just 43% of nontech marketers. Going forward, major differences between tech and nontech marketers were also seen in the need to update websites (52% versus 44%); in improving sales-marketing alignment (51% versus 44%); in using analytics to show marketing ROI (44% versus 29%); and in improving marketing databases (42% versus 35%). Areas in which tech marketers had less concern than nontech respondents included expanding their companies' social media presence. While blogging is a preferred lead-gen method for tech marketers—30% of tech marketers indicated that blogs are effective lead-gen techniques versus 21% of nontech marketers—social media marketing overall was not of prime interest. Only 22% of tech marketers indicated that social media is an effective lead-nurturing method for them, compared with 26% of nontech marketers. “A lead for me is somebody who has done their research,” said Nikos Karavitis, senior marketing manager at Motorola Solutions. “I'm like that myself; as a consumer, I'll do my research product by product before buying.” Infographics also held little appeal for tech marketers, with a 22% favorable rating compared with 29% for nontech marketers. And while tech marketers use content extensively to generate leads, it's not all marketers' favorite lead-gen tactic, according to BtoB's study. Playing into tech marketers' sweet spot is product demonstrations, cited by 47% of all respondents as “very” or “extremely” effective. BtoB's study is available for download at
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