Technologies bring new ways to measure online video ads

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As online video advertising technology evolves, companies providing ad serving, targeting and behavioral profiling are giving advertisers new ways to effectively reach their desired audiences.

Last month, behaviorally targeted online ad network Tacoda announced a deal with online video advertising company Klipmart to provide in-page video ads to its network of Web publishers. Larry Allen, senior VP-marketing and business development at Tacoda, talked to BtoB about how behavioral targeting data can be used to improve the performance of online video ads.

BtoB: What metrics will you use to measure the effectiveness of online video ads for your clients?

Allen: Tacoda will be providing standard video metrics provided by our rich media partners, Klipmart and Tremor. [These metrics include] video complete, interaction rate and sound on by creative. Additionally, we will be able to provide conversion by creative type, giving our clients visibility into creative performance by audience segment.

BtoB: How will you incorporate behavioral targeting data into online video ads?

Allen: We believe that the convergence of behavior and video is the future of online advertising. Tacoda is focused on delivering audience metrics that enable the buyer to evaluate video creative more efficiently against target audience segments. Specifically, [it] inte-grates interaction rate and views with the key audience segments, delivering enhanced brand evaluation metrics.

BtoB: What do advertisers need to know about improving the effectiveness of online video ads?

Allen: The more interactive the unit, the more engaged the audience. Video creative that gives the customer more control has been proven to be very effective. Enabling the user to get involved with the video either by editing, sharing with friends or choosing new endings are all great elements of interactivity.

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