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Roswell, Ga.-based Neenah Paper may not be the largest paper provider to magazine publishers, but it has identified a trend that publishers should know about, says senior product development manager Gerry Rector.

MB: What's the main trend you see with magazine publishers?

Rector: Well, it's more with advertisers than with publishers. We provide insert paper, premium uncoated paper, and advertisers are starting to ask to have their ads on this paper. The different texture and look in the magazine really helps the ad stand out. The differing texture often makes the magazine flip open to that particular ad as well. It's kind of a natural feeling, like "I'm your buddy." So it's great for advertisers trying to get away from being too slick. It's definitely a growth area for us.

MB: What's your best strategy for retaining clients?

Rector: We try to be really proactive and communicative. When we go around to clients and hear the same thing over and over again, we address it and then inform our clients about it.

MB: Can you give an example?

Rector: Recently clients were concerned that they couldn't use the paper we sold them for a wide variety of platforms. Cross-platform is very important now as everyone is watching every dime. So they wonder if the paper they use for X can also be used for Y. We didn't want people to have a bad experience so we just put out a bunch of tips for those who want to find the right paper to go cross-platform. People don't ask and then, if something doesn't go quite right, they'll walk. The market is that tight.

-Mark J. Miller

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