Tim Robbins criticizes lack of diversity in media

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TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL, TIM. ACTOR TIM ROBBINS BLEW OFF A scheduled Q&A at the recent National Association of Broadcasters' annual show to go on a profanity-laced diatribe—albeit a humorous one—on the state of the country and the echo chamber that passes for national media these days. Despite being urged by an audience of hundreds of radio and TV executives to “give a speech,” Robbins didn't hesitate to “bite the hand” of the media, reported Broadcasting & Cable. He said the radio industry was well on its way to establishing a “national playlist” well before satellite radio stations XM and Sirius came along to mix things up in the marketplace. He also called on the national media to add a greater variety of voices on any given issue and to dial back what he considered excessive reporting on, well, tarts who traffic in tabloid. “Shouldn't broadcasters see themselves as part of a larger picture, isn't there an obligation to honestly report on what's going on, to pursue stories past their headlines,” Robbins said. “Haven't criminal acts occurred in government? Shouldn't there be accountability for inept policy decisions? Shouldn't someone be fired? And you know something? I didn't hear any of that, because I am still thinking about that starlet getting out of the car without the panties.” —Matthew Schwartz
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