Six tips on how to create optimized social content

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Question: How can I optimize my social media content? Answer: Google and Bing are using social content to drive real-time search results. For example, if you search “mobile computing” on Google, you see real-time results from Twitter and “social search” results from people in your online circle. For b-to-b online marketers, incorporating social media strategy into your content is imperative. Here are six tips to create optimized social media content: 1) Create great content. You must have something compelling to say. What you write and share is ideally based on your personal experience, feedback from customers and information about your market that may be unique or insightful. 2) Write smart title tags and abstracts. Titles are highlighted on social networks and search engines. Abstracts help give more details about your content. Make sure the title and abstract of your content is clear and compelling, since that's what people will see before they decide to engage. 3) Consider frequency. One of the important variables for search engines is the frequency with which you update. If you're going to do social media, you need to keep doing it. Search engines will crawl your site more and give you more credibility if you stay current. It's a marathon, not a sprint. 4) Be multimedia. Search engines moved several years ago to “universal search,” presenting video, photos and Web pages together. Social media is about text, video, photos and more! Twitter previews videos and images. Facebook is now the No. 2 video site. Video and other content should be syndicated in as many places as possible to generate maximum impact. 5) Think like a publisher. Your website is just one of your online properties. Anything you create should be found in Facebook, Twitter and other services where you can post. Expand your content to mobile devices and downloadable applications. This is a virtuous circle—the more your share your content, the better your search results will be. 6) It's not about you; it's about them. Social media content needs to feature your customers and audience. The days of a video about you “going viral” are over and have been replaced by video starring your customers—enabled by you. Give your customer and partners the tools they need to share and watch them talk about how much they love your products and services. Brian Goffman is CEO and co-founder of Optify (, a provider of SEO and social media software.
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