Tips on hiring audience marketers

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1. Be open-minded about prospects who don't have specific magazine circulation experience. Sure, it would be great to hire a circ manager who has the right experience in all the key areas, but with company downsizings and other factors, there aren't as many people in junior-level positions these days.

2. Consider personality, demeanor and ability to interact with others in a candidate. Experience and skills are important, but compatibiulity with the department as well as with the company culture and environment are also vital to success for both parties.

3. Hire someone who has the circulation fundamentals but is Web-savvy, can adapt to change at a very fast pace and has the intelligence and professionalism to be part of the corporate strategies.

4,. Mix up the skill sets within your team. If the current team is compried of primarily direct mail/traditional circ folks, for your next open position, hire someone whose expertise is the Web. Offline marketers will learn from the online marketer and vice versa.

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