Top 10 B2B Banner Ads

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RankAdvertiserTotal Campaign Impressions Total Impressions this Banner
1WebEx21000000 17,000,000
2Birdsall Designs16000000 16,000,000
3Driveway30000000 15,000,000
4TestMart.com14000000 14,000,000
5Verio20000000 7,600,000
6Verio20000000 7,300,000
7Industry Deals7300000 7,300,000
8Network Solutions16000000 7,300,000
9Automatic Data Processing16000000 5,800,000
10Automatic Data Processing16000000 5,100,000
The number of times an ad is rendered for viewing. A calculation of traffic x rotation.

Web traffic reports provided by AdRelevance from Media Metrix.

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