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Rank December*Rank November* Web site Unique visitors in a month in millions**
21Uclick.com10.6 9.1 7.7 6.2 5.9 4.3* 3.9 3.9 3.8
11 3.6
12 26 3.5
13 15 3.3
14 27 3.3
15N/A 3.2

**Represents an aggregation of commonly owned/branded domain names.

**Average unique pages per visitor in a month: The average of the sum of the number of unique pages viewed per day over the course of the month by those persons visiting a specific Web site or category, channel or application. Unique visitors: The number of total users who visited the reported Web site or online property at least once in the given month. Unique visitors are unduplicated.

Source: Media Metrix

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