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Aviation Week & Space Technology provides depth of the global industry, whether it's technological, aviation engineering or sociopolitical.

"Our readers want us to focus on global issues," says Publisher Kenneth Gazzola. "And nobody covers as much of the global aviation industry, whether it's commercial, military, space, technology, business, operations, than we do on a global basis."

Published by: The McGraw-Hill Cos., New York
Exec VP-publisher: Kenneth Gazzola
Editor in chief: David North
Circulation director: Anne McMahon
Frequency: Weekly
Circulation: 107,453
Readership: Global aviation and aerospace professionals, opinion leaders and influencers.
Rates: 4C page 1x, $14,715; 4C page 52x, $12,155
Marketing opportunities: Regional and demographic editions; supplements and custom publishing; inkjet and selective binding; executive conferences; Web site; catalog/literature and Internet showcase; multimedia.
1998 ad pages: N/A
Ad Page growth: Up 122% from '92-'97
Coverage of aviation and space shifted dramatically after the end of the Cold War in the 1980s, since defense became a smaller concern.

"What we realized more than anything else is that event, the Cold War, moved the industry more toward commercial and space," he says.

Freedom to explore

Aviation Week's strong and long-standing horizontal base gives it the freedom to explore vertical markets. Out of Aviation Week has come at least one new magazine, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul. "Aviation Safety and Maintenance" is a new newsletter. And this year, Aviation Week will roll out Aviation Week's Space Business.

"What drives this publication is news, and we try to be ahead and present information on a timely basis," says Editor David North.

The publication's stature in the industry gives it the ability to deliver top-notch speakers to conferences and exhibitions. It has launched Aerospace Expo, a U.S.-based trade show that can compete on the same level as shows in Paris, Singapore and the U.K. It also is leveraging its name to do local-language initiatives in emerging markets.

"Aviation Week is one of the hot books out right now," says Caroline Riby, VP-media director, Saatchi & Saatchi Business Communications, Rochester, N.Y. "Like other cutting-edge books, there's something different in the material they're trying to present. They're not trying to be a `traditional' trade book."

Aviation Week also has numerous tie-ins, with a Web site, books and TV programming.

"We're finding the market is moving so quickly that to keep people's attention, `business as usual' is not enough anymore," says Mr. Gazzola. "We've got to be dynamic."

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