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To know what's truly happening in the petroleum industry today, PennWell's Oil & Gas Journal tops the priority reading list.

It's the only independent global petroleum publication with 100% paid circulation -- a critical deciding factor for media buyers -- and it claims to have more exclusive readers than any other publication in its field.

Published by: PennWell, Tulsa, Okla.
Publisher: Thomas Terrell
Editor in chief: Bob Tippee
Circulation director: Mark Rathe
Frequency: Weekly
Circulation: 38,000
Readership: Qualified recipients or companies in the operating oil industry; government agencies, educational institutions, associations, libraries, financial and insurance companies, legal firms allied to the operating petroleum industry.
Rates: 4C page 1x, $7,740; 4C full year, $6,575 or $341,900
Marketing opportunities: Paid-subscription Web site.
1998 ad pages: 1,497
Ad Page growth: Up 14.7% from '95-'98
"We have the only global, horizontal petroleum industry publication covering everything from exploration through petrochemicals and marketing," says Publisher Thomas Terrell. "Our editorial is written for people involved in the operating oil industry, in the U.S. and globally."

Oil & Gas recently expanded its editorial offerings of features and analysis, Mr. Terrell says. A bimonthly edition called Oil & Gas Journal Latino-america is now published in Spanish for the growing Latin American petroleum market.

Every section of the weekly magazine incorporates four-color artwork to increase eye appeal and to provide more accurate graphic representation.

"More of the material we present is color coded, because that's what tells the story," says Bob Tippee, editor in chief.

Dedicated audience

What keeps readers loyal to Oil & Gas Journal, Mr. Tippee says, is the steadfast commitment the magazine has to reporting news and technical developments.

"Our readership has remained steady, even in the midst of a major market downturn at the moment," he says. "Our editorial mission is that if you read all 52 issues in the year, you won't miss any development in the industry of significance to your job."

Oil & Gas Journal also operates a paid subscription-only Web site, that now has 16,000 subscribers. Each Monday, the week's magazine is posted online, along with additional exclusive features for the site. The site is updated daily, and it does accept advertising.

"Oil & Gas Journal is the most expensive magazine I buy," says Verna Ray, marketing director for Dynamic Graphics, Houston. "There are magazines I buy on a monthly basis that are less expensive than Oil & Gas, which is weekly. But the reason I do it is I know the publication is circulated at all the major oil exploration companies, whether it's 1,200 people or 12,000. And it's read by all levels -- not just top executives checking the yellow sheet at the front for oil prices, but by the technical, hands-on people as well."

Ms. Ray says in all surveys she conducts of the software company's user base, Oil & Gas Journal consistently is ranked as the No. 1 publication.

For Julie Michalsky, media buyer and planner with agency Blue Horse, Milwaukee, what's valuable about Oil & Gas Journal is that it's a 100% paid publication. "These people actually request the publication and are willing to pay for it," she says.

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