Toshiba B-to-B Unit Tries to Shed Its Printer and Copier Image

'Together Information' Positions Unit as a Technology and Service Provider

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Toshiba is launching a global print and digital push to show that its largest b-to-b unit provides more than just printers and copiers.

Using the slogan "Together Information," Toshiba America Business Solutions [TABS] is marketing itself as a technology and service provider that can help with a variety of document and data management needs.

"We're a very diversified electronics and overall technology company and the lack of homogeny on the product side and image side is a bit of a detriment [for buyers]; no one really knows all of who we are and what we do," said Bill Melo, TABS general manager and CMO. "Toshiba is comprised of 74 owned companies in the U.S. and Canada We are a name that's known, but in TABS's case, we grew out of a historic base of manufacturing copiers, printers and office products to manage documents. We have since evolved to help customers manage content of all sorts, from scanning to storage of all data, not just paper."

The first step in the campaign is a print effort in yet-to-be-named, but "targeted" publications, which will span over 46 countries. There will also be "a digital experience" in July using the new website and social media. Some ads will promote new products, while others will push a theme of "connecting physical product and services," said Mr. Melo.

The TABS unit's primary b-to-b offerings include Managed Print Services, which offers a variety of digital document management tools as well as color copiers, and Digital Signage, with its interactive digital video display kiosk called Virtuoso.

"Together Information" is a takeoff of an effort launched last year called "Together Commerce," which promoted Toshiba's solutions for retailers, primarily point-of-sale products.

"What's driving the timing [of this push] is really the evolution of our organization, changes in customer behavior and how technology is being utilized by our customers," said Mr. Melo. "We're not in the printing business; we're in the managing information business for our customers."

For the latest effort, Toshiba engaged branding agency The Frameworks, which also worked on the "Together Commerce" campaign. The agency created the new site, logo and print ads.

"Before this campaign we did months of research and got input from over 2000 clients and employees and found that [TABS] is in quite a confused position. We needed a simple story that would be the new go to market," said Frameworks Managing Partner Lawrence James.

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CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Toshiba comprises 74 owned businesses in the U.S.

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