TransitCenter launches campaign promoting commuter benefit program

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To do this, TransitCenter turned to Stein Rogan to develop an integrated campaign. The effort attempts to bust “TransitMyths” (such as “Higher commuting costs are a fact of life” and “There’s no getting around the higher cost of commuting”) with “TransitFacts” (such as, “You can save $500 a year or more on your commute with TransitChek”).

The campaign includes ads in subway stations, bus shelters, train cars and buses. It also includes guerrilla marketing, with street teams passing out flyers.

These ads, as well as online and radio ads, drive users to a microsite at, where they can learn more about TransitChek and benefits to employers.

TransitCenter is also using Web 2.0 tactics to promote the campaign. It entered a definition for “commuter benefit” on Wikipedia and set up a LinkedIn page for TransitChek.

“We want to connect with small businesses and invite people to become part of our network,” Vanheusden said.

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