TransPromo isn’t just for the big guys

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You may have read about the TransPromo style of customer communication or heard a presentation about it at a conference over the last year. The topic, also called statement-based marketing, even has its own conference, the TransPromo Summit.

You might have also decided that it’s only for the big guys—the businesses servicing millions and tens of millions of customers—because they have the budget and technology to make TransPromo communication easy to implement.

The truth, however, is that regardless of your company’s size, you can make TransPromo techniques work for you and your customers.

TransPromo is a set of best practices intended to enhance customer communication by using what you know about your customer and helping them understand the business relationship. If you invoice your customers, or you print invoices and statements for your clients, you hold the keys to the most expected form of customer communication. Every one of these statements will be opened and inspected. If you use that time with the bill recipient to educate them about other services, help them understand their current relationship by adding bar charts and tips, or even to market services from alliance partners, there is a very good chance that customer will stay loyal and not become a part of the customer churn statistics for the billing organization.

TransPromo techniques come down to three basic ideas: design, data and delivery.

Good information design enhances the customer experience. Color can help the bill recipient navigate the statement and use it to make appropriate decisions.

Using data that you have about the customer, including information about which products or services they currently buy, can help you offer them options that are most relevant to them and, so more likely to generate a response.

Delivery is fulfillment, but it isn’t always something you sell. It may be the type of investment tips you offer on a credit union statement—distinguishing between those saving for a new house and those who are nearing retirement. It may be the offer of a better mobile phone plan based on call patterns. It may be an offer to take a product as a trade-in against the next, better model.

This is why it’s important to understand that TransPromo techniques are appropriate for all levels of customer communication and for all sizes of businesses: Pick the techniques you can use today, and lay the infrastructure to grow into data mining to make more targeted offers over time. Start with great design and appropriate use of the document real estate to communicate, and grow into the use of full color marketing objects based on these data over time.

You, your business and your customers will be the beneficiaries.

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