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“The idea for us is to mix it in to make for a true multichannel campaign,” said T. Baxter Denney, manager-database marketing at Citrix Online. “It's to take people who have been unresponsive via another channel and engage [them] with direct mail. Everyone is inundated with email messages and millions of tweets a day. But the physical inbox is different. It gets attention.” Denney said Citrix is planning to use triggered direct mail to re-engage with prospects that have shown some interest in the past. “There are things you can do with print you can't do with email, such as providing more and different image options,” Denney said. “It might be totally effective or it might totally bomb out, but we think this is a viable option.” Advanced Image Direct is itself a pioneer in this area. It first developed the concept with to add triggered direct mail to the sales department's bag of tricks, for things like automated birthday greetings or thank-you cards following sales calls. He suggested something similar to Eloqua, and “Lights went on on both sides,” said Advanced Image Direct President Frank Verrill. “The savvy marketer knows that print supports digital and vice versa,” Verrill said. “In our format, you can send cards, letters or sales brochures up to 24 pages. The minimum order: one.” Simple cards and letters, based on templates and marketer customization, cost 99 cents. The list price for a sales sheet plus cover is $3 (less in a FedEx-like “rush letter”). Include a 24-page brochure and the price is $8. Contract prices, however, are less, Verrill said. Advanced Image Direct also created a Web portal, Cloud2You (, where customers can upload customized material with personalization fields and other variables, ready for mailing. In addition to Eloqua and marketing automation company Makesbridge, Advanced Image Direct also works directly with companies such as Eastman Kodak Co. and Microsoft Corp., and can manage triggered direct mail regardless of the marketing or sales force automation platform being used, Verrill said.

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