BtoB remakes home page to better fit customer needs

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“It's often that an e-marketing department will strive to make their site "sticky/Web 2.0 ready.' While these are great goals to shoot for, let's not forget the basics. once had a cool Flash intro with images flipping and turning to dazzle the eye of any visitor. We soon realized that we were not properly addressing the Web habits of our core visitor. TriNet's main audience is a CEO/business owner who's looking to reduce their cost by outsourcing their human resources. They don't have time to sit and wait for a fancy Flash movie to play. We needed to change our home page. We showed a graph, bullet points to address the pains they might be experiencing in our current economy and a link leading to a solution-driven landing page. Keep it simple. Know your Web site visitors. Understand their digital "body language,' and have your content speak to their needs.” —Ian Brown, senior Internet marketing manager, TriNet
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