Twitter's New Ad Model


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Uncertain investment. Twitter offers a tenuous link to sales for most advertisers. And because a tweet's value is still unproven, you could be overpaying for your Twitter ads.

Unclear visibility. Sure, Twitter has a ton of traffic, but how many people are actually reading on Twitter? Automated bots and third-party tools now handle the posting for many users—potentially minimizing the number of “live” eyeballs that may see your tweets.

Unchangeable limits. With the standard tweet length of only 140 characters available for your Twitter ad (including links), getting the right message across can be difficult.

Ready to face the challenge? Test the waters first. Every successful online marketing campaign uses regular testing to ensure the viability of both the message and the medium. The same rule applies here. Try different kinds of tweets and different ways to engage users to see what works. Track everything to identify trends and the impact on your business. And don't be afraid to measure your results against activity in other online marketing channels. It's important when adding any new channel to the mix to maintain a holistic view of the entire online marketing spectrum to ensure the best balance of your investment to your results.

Mike Jacobs is chief services officer of online marketing agency iMarketing. He can be reached at [email protected]

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