How can typography be used effectively to ensure maximum impact for an email campaign?

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Content is king when it comes to a successful email campaign—having a message that is relevant to your reader is a necessary precondition for campaign success. To get optimum performance, however, you need to perfect the structure and design in order to control how the message gets communicated. Smart typography, formatting and attention to detail are all crucial ingredients to elicit from your readers the response that you are looking for. Here are some tips to craft a well-designed email:
  • Avoid using too many type colors. Try sticking to a simple color scheme—a strong, easily read color for headlines and a secondary highlight color for your call to action. Using contrasting colors will give your readers a sense of hierarchy, allowing them to easily parse the information you want them to read.
  • Limit the number of typefaces, sizes, styles and weights. Consistency is the key to presentation, and a good template can work wonders for your bottom line.
  • Captivate and close. Lure readers in with an eye-catching visual and use the messaging to persuade them to act.
  • Use a “1-2-3-Go” method for structuring content. An engaging headline, a supporting subhead, a short instructional piece of body copy and a clear call to action should be all you need to get them to act.
  • Embrace white space, and kill the clutter. Control eye flow by breaking your content down into digestible chunks. The proximity and alignment of the elements within the space will help guide customers where to look.
  • Make it scannable. Using elements such as line spacing, bullet points and indentation can help distinguish between messaging and improve legibility.
Marketers are always tempted to cram as much content into an email as possible; but people don't read emails—they scan them. How you lay your content out and utilize typography can make or break your email campaign. Simplicity of design is essential, and using the tips above will get you there. The result will be a more effective campaign and the conversion rates to match. Josh Levine is CEO of Alexander Interactive (, a Web design and engineering company.
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