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Mike Morgan joined Vance Publishing Corp. seven years ago and was named VP-publishing operations in late 2006. He oversees creative services, audience development, circulation, fulfillment and production. MB: What's new in the production department at Vance? Morgan: We're trying to expand our markets beyond print, allowing our advertisers to have more opportunities. We're venturing into digital editions, and there are certainly a lot of new options that digital can provide that print cannot. It's much easier to track who is reading it and how they're using it. MB: What are you doing to control costs? Morgan: We're starting to get more involved in paper purchasing. Paper prices keep rising, so we're trying to do cost-containment as best we can in an economy where there are some things that we just can't control. We're trying to be as proactive as possible across the board. We're keeping our purchasing within the States. We have a commitment on the green end. We've never been in the paper-buying business before, but we decided to venture into that just because it's something we can take control over. We're trying to take control over all the things we can, just knowing there are a lot of things that we can't control at all. You never know what's around the bend. Who knew gas prices would be affecting us in so many different ways at so many different levels? Some industries are hurting because of that, and that trickles down to advertising levels and that affects page counts. It's a cyclical thing and we know there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. I just don't know if that light is as bright as it normally would have been. We're just trying to look at it as an opportunity to figure out the best ways to present our content to our readers and give opportunities to our advertisers.
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