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In determining the best ways to reach their audience, marketers must know what prospective buyers read, what associations they belong to and what events they attend, Amtower said. “Publications are still key to reaching defined audiences,” he said. Online advertising, e-newsletters, webinars and white papers can also be useful tools in reaching this audience, Amtower added. And as always, lead quality is far more important than lead quantity. “If I have only five people download my white paper on some esoteric niche of enterprise architecture, I can bet that each of those five people is exactly who I need to reach in the government market,” he said. “It's the same thing with a webinar; if you only have five, or 10 or 15 attendees, it doesn't matter—people aren't going to spend that time with you unless they're interested.” With the November election approaching, marketers also should be solidifying relationships with their senior management clients, Amtower said, as these are the people most likely to migrate internally in government and also to migrate out of government. “Either way, you need to know where they go, who is replacing them and if they can use you in their new positions,” he said. There is a 15% to 18% migration annually, he added, and that can spike to 30% after an election. Lower-level staff members often migrate with their bosses, opening a window of opportunity for marketers. “You can [maintain] business in the old agency and try to get business in the new agency,” he said. M
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