Video is the new currency of b-to-b communication.

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B2B marketers are no longer limited to “high production value” video. The explosion of inexpensive digital video cameras has led to an ability for marketers to post compelling video not only on their own websites, but to YouTube, the second largest search engine.  Taking advantage of our very visual human nature, we are now growing more accustomed to consuming video online instead of reading lengthy Web documents.

Technology has finally enabled the effective delivery of video to any PC, not to mention to a smart phone or tablet. Simple software editing tools permit marketers to prepare videos quickly and efficiently.

Even in small markets, developing a video marketing strategy is more important than ever. Some of our videos at Makino have now reached almost 30,000 views on YouTube. Certainly not the totals we are all seeing on the funny viral videos, but nonetheless, substantial in our limited markets. We have now experienced more 270,000 views of our YouTube channel videos. If you haven’t already, think about developing your video strategy quickly.

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