Watch and wait for online video metrics to lead to new revenue

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Jim Bruton is associate director and Webcast portfolio manager at Ernst & Young, in Secaucus, N.J. BtoB recently asked him about his company's use of online video analytics. BtoB: What is an auditing and consulting firm like Ernst & Young doing with online video? Bruton: I was hired six months ago to establish a vision of what video can do for us in North America and then to develop a model of it to go international. My focus has been in getting the true value proposition concerning viewer analytics—an area that is still in a very embryonic stage. Every company is doing something in new media, but you have to scrutinize every penny in this area. BtoB: What will be your key metric? Bruton: We hope to build in viewer metrics for thought leadership videos aimed at industry leaders, especially those who already have a relationship with us. And as soon as we inject that model, I'll be looking for a bump in revenue. All I can do is watch a pattern; but as soon as I see that bump, I'll be able to put a metric around the value of what we're doing. BtoB: What other metrics are you considering? Bruton: We'll be slicing and dicing the viewership any way we can, mainly via webcasts, which is how we are using video online. I want to define the measurements that will give executive dashboards the greatest value to further Ernst & Young's business operations. We'll do that through expanding client engagement. BtoB: How? Bruton: By building in interactivity to probe our audience to get the information we need in order to productively engage them. Some of the interactivity sounds a little obvious, posing questions like, “Are you getting something helpful from our messages?” But we're reviewing a lot of things, and considering using [analytic modeling] tools. Using video as part of webcasts will boost the kind of interactivity we're looking for, because at this stage pure video doesn't have that kind of immediate response capability. —Christopher Hosford
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