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Company URL Phone Products Description
ClickTracks (800) 768-2929 Optimizer, Pro, Pro + JDC Tracks time onsite, offers visitor labeling, rates keyword performance, manages multiple data sets and provides click fraud reports and funnel reports with custom ROI analysis
Coremetrics (650) 762-1400 Coremetrics Online Analytics On-demand Web analytics and precision marketing solutions for online marketers and Web site designers
(650) 253-0000 Google Analytics Free analytics product that tracks visitor site interaction and keyword profitability
IndexTools (888) 241-0470 IndexTools Web Analytics 9.0 Offers executive dashboards, path explorers, custom reporting, marketing campaign management, cost and scenario analysis, and real-time segmentation
(678) 319-8000 Infor customer, enterprise, financial, product, performance and supplier management marketing systems Campaign management, real-time interaction optimization and scalable database management
Metronome Labs (412) 434-4911 Metronome Capture, Examine Provides data management with built-in reports detailing hits, page views, visits and visitors, and simple solution Web site troubleshooting
Omniture Inc. (877) 722-7088 Omniture SiteCatalyst, Discover, DataWarehouse Real-time online analytics products include path analysis, customized tracking, commerce reporting, site design and optimization, virtual focus groups, multisite grouping, advanced segmentation, Excel integration and dashboards for sharing information.
SageMetrics Corp. (818) 505-6409 SageAMP, SageAnalyst 10.0 Hosted Web analytics include data aggregation, tracking, site process and path analysis, customer profiling, reporting, data acquisition and processing infrastructure.
SAP Labs (800) 872-1727 SAP Enterprise SOA, IT Excellence, MaxAttention, NetWeaver, Support and Productivity. Analytics software includes strategy planning, initiative management, scorecards, dashboards, reports, modeling and integration capabilities.
SAS (919) 677-8000 SAS Analytics Data and text mining, data visualization, forecasting, optimization, model management
SiteAcuity (866) 271-8559 Site-to-Phone On-Demand Provides intelligence that connects activity in the sales and service contact centers with the corresponding website activity and visitor source
SPSS Inc. (312) 651-3000 SPSS Predictive Web Analytics Data collection and warehousing, visitor segmentation, role-based reporting, business event reporting
Unica Corp. www.unicaweb
(781) 839-8000 Affinium NetInsight (On Demand or On Premise), Unica NetTracker Turn-key or on-demand (ASP) with traffic analysis, dashboards, path analysis, custom reporting and Web program optimization
WebTrends Inc. (877) 932-8736 WebTrends Analytics Measures and optimizes site conversions, e-mail campaigns and merchandising performance (paid search advertising), reporting analysis, real-time customer segmentation and targeting
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