Web recruiter makes high marks with online office platform

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Challenge: TargetX serves about 450 colleges and universities across the country, providing integrated Web-based recruiting tools for admissions offices as part of its Express Suite. The schools they serve include large universities like Ohio State as well as smaller community colleges. No matter the size, the schools are spread out across the country, making it difficult for the Pennsylvania-based

TargetX to get to them without spending a lot of time traveling. “Our challenge is we can’t get in front of the people we’re looking to sell to,” said Adrienne Bartlett, the client concierge for TargetX.

Solution: Instead of spending most of the week on the road, executives opted to find something that gave them more flexibility, something that enables them to connect with a school in Texas at 10 a.m. before setting their sights on a university in Indiana just a few hours later, all without ever leaving their offices. They wanted to develop an online office where they could reach more schools in a shorter time.

To make this happen, TargetX turned to Glance Networks. Glance provides a tool, Glance 2.2.0, that enables salespeople and marketers to develop Web demonstrations and online presentations. Without the system, Bartlett said, TargetX wouldn’t be able to reach nearly as many clients.

“It makes it really easy for us to jump online really quickly to show a client in California,” Bartlett said. “We can jump online together and then use the Glance Network to walk them through the products that we’re looking to sell them.”

Result: Glance Network’s suite enables TargetX to connect with more clients, faster. The product is critical to the company’s sales operations, Bartlett said.

“It’s really easy. It’s really simple to use,” Bartlett said. “It involves one click and you start what they call a Glance session. You can give the client on the other end the session key to join and right from there you’re sharing a desktop. It’s really simple.”

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