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A vibrant Web site must keep up with the latest technologies. If 2005 was the year of blogs, RSS and podcasting, 2006 was all about:

  • Video distribution—syndication of viral videos to YouTube, Google Video, etc.
  • Social bookmarking and content voting/review—Delicious, Digg, Techmeme.
  • MySpace effect—how many virtual friends do you have?
  • Tags, tag clouds and "folksonomies—informal content taxonomies make grouping, finding content easier.
  • Web 2.0 user interfaces—Ajax, Flash, Flex and more.

Source: BtoB

What's next?

So what will be the hot Web technologies in 2007 and beyond? Here are a few educated guesses:

  • Twitter: Instant messaging combined with presence alerts creates a new form of "micro-blogging".
  • Ning and Coop: Marc Andreessen's new company and new Firefox project both aim to further democratize social networking.
  • iPhone effect: Giant hit for Apple or a blip in the cell-phone mega-universe?
  • GPS/location-based services: Users want them, but will they accept personalized, location-specific ads on their smartphones?

Source: BtoB

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