Whereoware makes mobile email easy Dell's mobile-friendly email gets results

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Web strategy, design and development provider, Whereoware knew it needed to make its clients' email marketing campaigns mobile-friendly. “If you're seeing that 10% or 15% of customers are using mobile devices, then you need to address them,” said Teya Tuccio-Flick, marketing director at the company. Working with email service provider Silverpop, Whereoware simplified its emails by creating straightforward calls to action and using limited text in larger fonts. It also shortened subject lines and limited design to one column, Flick said, and it made sure call-to-action buttons were larger and padded with 10-to-15 pixels of white space, so recipients can select them easily. For one client, making an email mobile-friendly doubled the number of visits the website got from mobile devices, Flick said. Dell Inc. recently saw strong results when it created a mobile-friendly email that encouraged customers to download its iPhone and Android app for secure shopping. Working with email provider e-Dialog Inc., Dell in November sent out two versions of an email—one mobile-friendly, sent to subscribers who had opened or clicked a Dell email on an iPhone or Android device in the past year, and one, “business-as-usual” email designed to be opened in a traditional email application. The mobile-friendly version was just 328 pixels wide, featured a strong subject line and easy-to-read text, and had a large call-to-action button encouraging recipients to download Dell's mobile app. The mobile-friendly email increased Dell shopping app downloads fivefold and boosted the app's ranking in the iPhone app store from No. 77 to No. 17, according to e-Dialog. The optimized email had an open rate almost twice that of the nonoptimized version, and a total click rate more than five times that of the “business-as-usual” email.
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