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Challenge: Enkeboll Designs is the leading producer of architectural wood carvings, serving 12,000 customers from company headquarters situated in a striking Tudor castle in Carson, Calif. The company designs and manufactures architectural wood elements made of the finest quality red oak, hard maple and cherry. Its wood-carved luxury kitchen and bath designs are inspired by antique pieces and folk art across Europe and Asia. The company, which serves 12,000 customers, mostly interior design firms and general contractors, uses proprietary technology in their design process, employing sophisticated CAD/CAM systems and tools to create new products. Its product line consists of more than 600 items.

Unlike many competitors that outsource to offshore manufacturers, Enkeboll Designs oversees the entire process in Carson, from initial design to finished product.

When Richard Enriquez, director of marketing, first joined the company, Enkeboll used a very basic Web analytics tool with limited capabilities.

 “We really didn’t know what was happening on our Web site,” Enriquez said. “We didn’t have a deep understanding in terms of what people were searching for or where they were coming from. We didn’t even have path analysis.”

In terms of improving or making changes to the site, Enriquez relied on hunches and guesswork with no data to validate his decisions. “We were really shooting in the dark,” he said. Enriquez knew the value of the Internet and e-commerce, but needed to convince senior management to invest more money in that portion of the business. He proposed a redesign of Enkeboll’s Web site, complete with a new e-commerce solution and online product catalog.

 “Without metrics and analytics to support my proposals, it was very difficult to substantiate the importance of the online channel to our executive team,” he said. Without an increased investment in Web technology, Enriquez knew, the company would miss substantial revenue opportunities.

In rethinking the Web, Enriquez also saw an opportunity to lead the industry and increase Enkeboll’s competitive edge through the use of technology. “Our Web business really needed to catch up with our product development group in terms of using cutting edge technology,” he said.

Solution: Enriquez eventually gained the support of key executives and redesigned the Enkeboll Web site while also launching eStore and an online catalog. He garnered support in replacing the old system with Omniture SiteCatalyst, a comprehensive Web analytics solution that would provide insight and tools to optimize their Internet business. “We looked at Omniture and other solutions, but found that Omniture provided much more detail in terms of the reporting and data it could provide,” he said. “We really liked the user interface, work flow functionality and some of the unique features, like interactive dashboards and ClickMap.” ClickMap is the software's dashboard, providing quick views to customized reports.

 Omniture SiteCatalyst was first deployed in concert with Enkeboll’s new interactive online catalog. This trial period with Omniture proved successful and gave the company the confidence to move forward with a full SiteCatalyst deployment. Subsequently, Enkeboll turned on SiteCatalyst to rack and measure the company’s entire Internet business. The complete implementation took less than two months and went smoothly.

Results: SiteCatalyst has uncovered key insights that are moving the company forward. “Getting real-time analytics from our online catalog has really dramatically improved the way we go to market with new product introductions,” Enriquez said. “I can see exactly what products our visitors are looking at and buying, and track which product sizes are most popular. For instance, during the redesign process of eStore, SiteCatalyst showed hundreds of visitors entering the eCommerce site, but very few actually purchasing products. This caused the team to rethink the navigation and streamline the checkout process. By adding real-time credit card authorization and automatic password generation, users are now more inclined to purchase.

“I take this information back to our designers and say, ‘Here’s what our customers want’. It has created a more efficient, targeted product development process, which positively impacts our business,” Enriquez said. As a result, Enkeboll has seen a 30% increase in Web-generated revenue.

In addition, the company has reduced costs and improved efficiencies by placing its price list and other customer-related documents on the Web site. While some within the company were originally skeptical about posting the price list, SiteCatalyst validated the decision with metrics showing hundreds of visitors downloading the price list. With self-service in place, Enkeboll is saving time and money on postage, faxing and mailing price lists.

Last but not least, Enriquez uses SiteCatalyst daily to monitor key metrics and shares reports regularly with the executive team. With a customized dashboard, Enriquez has his finger on the pulse of, tracking revenue, most popular pages, search engine inputs, pathing and most-downloaded files.

“I can now measure my decision-making with hard facts, which gives me the power to make the appropriate changes to grow our online business,” Enriquez said.

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