Wyffels Hybrids

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Company: Wyffels Hybrids, Geneseo, Ill.
Agency: Hondo Group, Fort Worth, Texas
Market: Corn producers
Quick chase: What does a colorful tropical fish have to do with corn? Absolutely nothing. So why borrow such an image to sell hybrid seed corn to farmers? Why not make the product the hero rather than a fish that wouldn't know a row of corn if it saw one? The idea is to break through the clutter or stand out amid the sea of sameness, as the headline suggests. The risk in using such a blatantly irrelevant image is that it fails to select the target audience, which in this case is the corn grower looking for ways to produce the next bumper crop. The grower is conditioned to looking at such familiar images as bags of seed or tall, healthy stalks of corn. This image will break his stride and possibly arrest his interest. Copy needs to close the deal. And it does by emphasizing "more personalized service from professional seed specialists who get to know you and your farm."
Clue: We took the bait.
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