What’s the best way to confirm a newsletter sign-up and welcome the new subscriber?

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Answer: It's up to you as a marketer to set the right tone when you establish initial contact with a client or prospect. Often, it all starts with something as fundamental—but crucial—as your welcome message, the e-mail you should send every time someone subscribes to one of your newsletters.

When it comes to true brand building, there are no minor details. Use your welcome message to make an emotional connection with your subscribers. Beyond thanking them, be sure to do the following:

  1. Reconfirm the value of the newsletter for which they just signed up.
  2. Briefly highlight the content they can expect to receive and how often they'll receive it.
  3. Build trust. Reassure them that you will not share their info. Provide a link to your privacy policy.

You've probably already designed and created a stunning e-mail newsletter that accurately reflects your brand. So, why send a plain-text e-mail to welcome subscribers to that newsletter? Get your readers excited to receive the first issue, and give them a sneak preview of what the communication will look like. With the flood of e-mail these days, anything you can do to build awareness helps get your future e-mails read.

Borrow the same or similar graphics used in your current newsletter and literature. Consider adding a thumbnail graphic of what your most recent newsletter looked like.

The bottom line: With minimal effort your welcome message can build your brand's identity and boost the open rates of your newsletters.

Jordan Ayan is CEO of SubscriberMail (, an e-mail marketing service provider.

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