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Xerox Corp. has launched a series of new ad campaigns to promote its color printing solutions and global services consulting group, the fastest-growing segments of its business.

The new campaigns are part of a broader effort to raise awareness of the Xerox brand and better serve customers, said Michael Mac Donald, president-global accounts and marketing operations at Xerox.

"When it comes to the customer experience, we need to think big and small. That means paying equal attention to `big brand' efforts like advertising and `little brand' experiences that define the way customers interact with us every day," Mac Donald said in a keynote presentation at the Conference on Marketing in Las Vegas last month.

For its "big brand" efforts, Xerox is using a combination of media, including TV, print, online, viral marketing and blogs.

This month, Xerox will launch a new TV, print and online campaign to promote its color printing solutions. The campaign, developed by Y&R, New York, is an extension of Xerox's "Color" campaign that debuted two years ago.

"Now we are taking the campaign to the next level, showing how Xerox color is affordable," said Barbara Basney, director of global advertising at Xerox.

"Affordability is one of the key barriers to the adoption of business color. The campaign will show ways that Xerox tackles this barrier with lower-cost products."

The campaign will include two TV spots and variations of print ads featuring three characters—a boss, an end-user and an IT person.

"It has a lot of humor. It takes place in an office setting, and it is targeting b-to-b," Basney said. The campaign shows the points of view of these key people when it comes to buying, approving and using office printing equipment. It promotes Xerox printers starting at $299 all the way up to larger, multifunction work centers.

The campaign follows another effort that Xerox rolled out in February, promoting Xerox Global Services. That campaign, also developed by Y&R, positions Xerox Global Services as the premier consulting and outsourcing partner for businesses' document management needs. It targets C-level decision-makers and IT executives.

One ad, titled "We Find Millions," shows how Xerox has helped companies such as Owens Corning and InterContinental Hotels realize millions of dollars in cost savings through its document assessment services.

Another ad, titled "We Retrieve," shows how Xerox helps such companies as JP Morgan Chase and Enterprise Rent-A-Car Co. search, retrieve and manage a variety of work, from accounting and HR documents to legal contracts.

A third ad, "We Go One-to-one," highlights the ways in which Xerox can help its customers develop personalized, targeted communications campaigns that boost response rates.

The print ads are running in publications including CFO, CIO and Harvard Business Review.

Online ads have appeared on Web sites such as,, and www.nytimes. com.

In addition to banner ads, Xerox is testing new online platforms such as viral video campaigns, blogs and virtual communities.

Last month, Xerox created its first viral video, called "Watercooler." The documentary-style piece follows workers around a hyper-busy office environment, reaching the conclusion that there are better ways to improve productivity.

The video (at received 350,000 views in the first week.

Xerox has also established a presence on the Second Life digital world, which it will be showcasing at the AIM on Demand document management conference in Boston later this month.

The virtual presence is an area where Xerox can collaborate with its customers and researchers on document management and digital printing solutions.

"We are looking to leverage virtual communities as a way to communicate with key stakeholders," Basney said.

Improving the customer experience is one of Xerox's top priorities, Mac Donald said in his keynote presentation last month.

"Right now in Xerox North America, we have more than 20 Lean Six Sigma projects under way to improve the customer experience," he said. "We're looking at everything we do from the time we present a quote to when we send a bill and beyond."

Mac Donald said these projects require discipline, but they pay off for the customer. "What would you rather do—brainstorm the next advertising classic or fix the customer order agreement template so it's a less daunting experience for the customer?" he asked. He said a team of Xerox people devoted a full year to fixing the order agreement as part of an effort to make Xerox an easier company with which to do business.

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