Zebra Technologies Launches Rebranding Campaign

Effort Is First Campaign Since Acquisition of Motorola Solutions' Enterprise Business

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Zebra Technologies, which acquired Motorola Solutions' enterprise business in 2014 for $3.5 billion, is launching a rebranding campaign today called "Visibility That's Visionary."

Zebra Technologies' print ad
Zebra Technologies' print ad

The effort, which includes print and online, is the first brand campaign Zebra has launched since the Motorola acquisition, and is designed to raise awareness of Zebra, which provides printers, mobile computers, barcode scanners and other technology products for industries including retail, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation.

"A lot of people have this connotation of Zebra as a printing company," said Jeff Schmitz, CMO at Zebra. "The drivers for the Motorola Solutions acquisition came about as we were starting to think about how we could solve some of our customers' more difficult problems in this new world of the Internet of Things, as the world moves more toward mobile and the cloud."

With the Motorola Solutions enterprise business acquisition, Zebra expanded its product portfolio in mobile data capture and mobile computing technologies.

Motorola Solutions kept its public safety and commercial businesses, including communications, data and information solutions.

"A driving trend in the industry is what we call sense, analyze and act," Mr. Schmitz said. "In this new world, whether you are in a retail environment or manufacturing, as you are working, if you can sense what is happening in the environment -- with your inventory, people and assets -- you can gather and analyze data in real time, and then act on it. You have to start by having visibility. That is key to the brand campaign."

The campaign, created by Chicago agency TwoxFour, includes ads that are tailored to the vertical industries Zebra serves, and feature "giants" looking down on various environments, from a retail store to a hospital to a manufacturing facility.

The ads have headlines such as "With more visibility, sales go from incremental to exponential," and "There's big picture. Then there's huge, immense, limitless picture."

"The idea is to have giants representing our customers in the different vertical industries -- giants in manufacturing facilities, retail, healthcare and transportation," said Peter Ribolzi, senior manager-brand at Zebra Technologies. "The idea is their visibility gives them the ability to see everything that is happening within their operations."

The campaign also includes videos that are running on YouTube and Zebra's own website, showcasing different vertical industry solutions, and social media efforts including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The campaign budget was undisclosed.

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