New Ziff Davis 'Landing Zones' designed to shorten IT sales cycle

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Hoping to shrink the IT sales cycle for its clients, Ziff Davis Media’s Web Buyer’s Guide recently launched what it calls a Branded Landing Zone Program to enable technology marketers to scale their lead generation and branding efforts. The program consists of “landing zones” that are embedded in Ziff Davis’ Web Buyer’s Guide (, an online resource that features directories of products in more than 1,000 technology categories. Starting this week the landing zones will also be available on Ziff Davis’ enterprise technology Web sites. These sites include, and

In early October, three of the largest technology marketers in the world will launch branded landing zones on the enterprise sites. Ziff Davis declined to identify the three companies.

The Branded Landing Zone Program allows marketers to provide product information, research such as white papers, webcasts, case studies and podcasts. They can include independent analysis and content generated by Ziff Davis.

The idea is to enable marketers to place their messages in a contextually relevant environment. Sales leads are captured through the Web Buyer’s Guide registration system and are delivered automatically to the client on a weekly basis.

Barry Harrigan, VP at Ziff Davis Media, calls the landing zones the next generation of microsites. “They are more sophisticated than microsites, he said, because they allow for a much greater degree of interactivity.

“The fundamental problem in technology marketing is that the sales cycle is getting longer,” said Harrigan, who in 2005 helped launch Ziff Davis’ Web Buyer’s Guide. “There’s so much content on the Web, and the Landing Zone [Program] can help educate buyers to move them more quickly through the sales process.”

Harrigan said b-to-b media clients are increasingly trying to prioritize their sales leads. “They recognize the need to track the critical behaviors in order to feed those leads with the highest propensity to close a sale quickest,” he said. “By putting people in a buyer’s guide environment, we can identify buyers and satisfy sellers who want to influence potential buyers. The program can nurture these relationships, monitor behavior and put the client in a position to score a sales lead.”

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