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Launched in late 2002 by top colorists Billy Ferwerda, Gary Chuntz and Elaine Ford, with the financial backing of partners in the Axyz/Panic & Bob post production clique, Notch bills itself as Canada's first dedicated commercials transfer facility offering ad clients access to Toronto's best colorists in a boutique setting. Chuntz and Ferwerda had long contemplated launching a company, which now boasts artistic talent, two Da Vinci 2k Plus suites and, a rarity at transfer facilities, sunlight!

"What really drew me in is the creativity involved," says Ferwerda who originally became a colorist with the idea that it would be a stepping-stone to editing. "We can isolate points on the screen, highlight them, saturate, desaturate and swing color and hue around. Those weren't around when I started out; it was the manipulation of the image that got me into it." A recent Bud Light spot, "History," directed by Avion's Martin Granger for Downtown Partners, has the beer claiming responsibility for soap operas, shoe sales and online shopping as ways to permit men to escape their women and get hosed. The spot was an opportunity for Ferwerda to navigate film and TV looks of the last century.

Other recent clients to take the Notch telecine route include Xbox, Visa, Labatt Blue and Five Alive. While he is hesitant to identify today's "trendy" transfer look, Ferwerda does admit "things are going more toward a print look, not as saturated or clipped out." It's safe to say Ferwerda and company are carving out their own niche at Notch.

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