Will the 2010 Election Be Negative? Does a Bear Have Fur?

With So Much Up in the Air, Get Ready for Record Ugliness

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Saying this campaign cycle is going to be more negative than last campaign cycle is akin to saying this year comes after last year. They're always more negative. Or they seem that way at least, what with the annual rite of bellyaching over the sorry state of our society. But this year will be more negative, Evan Tracey tells The Washington Post. (And Evan's one of the few political analysts I know who is usually right.)

"We always say this is the most negative cycle, but 2010 probably will be it," he told the paper. "The national issues are huge, and both parties hold the view that you have to blow up your opponent."

Between Tea Partiers, an anti-incumbent mood, anger over (fill in the blank: health care, war, oil spill, bailouts), contentious primaries and a Republican minority hoping it can win one house back, we're pretty much guaranteed some old-fashioned advertising ugliness. But here in New York, we tend to miss out on the best of this stuff. So remember: If you see something, say something.

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