Looking for a Few Good Joes

McCain Team Enlists Regular Guys for Potential Ad

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Looks like John McCain and the team are going to ride the "Joe the Plumber" story until it drops dead from exhaustion. The campaign is now soliciting "Regular Joe" stories on the web with the potential to use such efforts in a future ad. Obviously, they're seeing something out there that shows the "Joe" story is resonating. It allows the McCain team to paint Barack "We'll Spread the Wealth" Obama as a socialist and lets the Republicans portray both the Obama campaign and the media as bullies for waving off any anti-Obama claim as a distraction, but devoting so much time and effort into delving into the life of Joe the Plumber. Wherever you stand on the issues, I think we can all agree that it's a better marketing angle than the "Pallin' around with terrorists" line.
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