A Primer on Presidential Political Polling

Or: What to Make of the Most Recent Numbers

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Peter Feld, who recently wrote "What Obama Can Teach You About Millennial Marketing" for Ad Age, has a good piece looking at the recent poll numbers. He offers a for/against take on whether or not Obama supporters should be worried (keep in mind this was written before McCain's seven-house blunder). A great passage:
Under their noses -- doh! this always happens in August -- [Obama] has been turned into one more abnormal Martian Democrat running for president, a meme dating back to "egghead" Adlai Stevenson. To a list that includes Michael Dukakis, indulging himself with a leisurely summertime tour of Western Massachusetts as the Bushites introduced the rest of the country to Willie Horton, and John Kerry windsurfing as the Swift Boaters went to town on him, you can add Obama summering in Berlin and Hawaii while McCain morphed him into an airheaded starlet. (To the GOP's frustration, they could never make Bill Clinton into an un-American, even though he'd demonstrated against the Vietnam War on foreign soil: the greasy fries and skanky girlfriends made that impossible.)
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