A Word of Advice for abrad2345 and His Supporters

Your Target Audience Isn't as Stupid as You Think

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Perhaps you've heard of abrad2345, a mysterious YouTuber who is supposedly putting out pro-GOP videos that attack all of the GOP candidates except for one.

Here's a sample of abrad2345's "genius."

What I find laughable is that people think this is in support of any GOP candidate. Even more laughable are the claims that this is supporting Rudy Giuliani -- you know, because there's a link to his site at the end. If anything, the ads are anti-Giuliani. The character in the spot is a Republican charicature as seen by the left: an anti-gay, anti-immigrant, paranoid warmonger. So it reminds the viewer that Giuliani is all that ... and then some.

Odder still are the ham-fisted attempts to gin up interest in these spots as some sort of pro-Rudy effort aimed at trashing the other candidates. Or something from John McCain and the Swift Boat team. Or something from the Romney campaign.

You can watch the spots here. There's the slightest bit of potential for solid humor, but the problem is that the creator of these spots (shot in California, by the way, not Virginia, as some theorists earlier posited) has entirely too much faith in his own intelligence and absolutely no respect for his target audience. The humor -- sorry "humor" -- is about as blunt as a 200-year-old hammer. Colbert certainly doesn't have to worry about job security on this one. I'm trying to come up with an inverse hypothetical, but the best I can do is this: Imagine if a Republican operative came out with a video calling Hillary Clinton a gay, fetus-killing, communist, godless surrender-monkey -- then tried to convince Democrats that Barack Obama was behind the effort.

Wait! I can think of an inverse. Remember when right-wingers claimed that Clinton campaign staffers were putting out the word that Little Barack went to a madrasa. That failed for two reasons: 1) the site that broke the story is about 20 clicks to the right of Fox news and 2) when Clinton decides to crush Obama, she's not going to be that sloppy.

I'll eat my hat if this is from a Republican candidate. This is little more than a sloppy internet ploy to work up some sort of frenzy. I don't know what's more disturbing: that the people behind these ads think their Republican-blogger targets are THAT stupid; or that the people behind these ads think this will have any impact whatsover on any of the elections.

Sorry pals, no one's biting (except ABC, apparently).
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