ABC, NBC to Unleash Debate Video on the Web

Fox Still Has Head Stuck In the ... Sand

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According to a press release from MoveOn.Org, "a right-left alliance praised ABC and NBC for joining CNN in liberating presidential debate video – allowing footage to be legally shared, blogged, excerpted, and put on sites like YouTube."

That's welcome news from both networks. Perhaps the best thing about the CNN/YouTube debate was, while writing about it the next day, discovering that CNN and YouTube had not only provided the video but had gone the extra step of breaking it down by question. Call me lazy, but that seemed great for journalism AND democracy.

Fox, it seems, is still sticking to its guns and treating debate video like other video. In other words, it's the property of Fox.

Come on, Fox. Get with the program. That's not just a bad move, it's a stupid move. Viewers like it. The web crowd likes it. It's not like anyone's going to line up to pay for those rights, anyhow. And it's not like you'll be able to stop people from chopping it up and posting it. Might as well do a professional job.
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