The Ad Men Behind the Delaware Senate Race; Red and Blue Brands

Meet Fred Davis, J.J. Balaban and the Brands Favored by Republicans and Democrats

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We've got politics on the brain at Ad Age. From this weeks' print issue:

Republicans' Wizard of Ads Goes Where Few Are Willing: "Fred Davis paced back and forth as he talked on the phone in an effort to stay awake. It was just after 7 p.m. on the West Coast, but he had been working for the past 15 hours on Tea Party queen Christine O' Donnell's latest campaign spot, and he was on the verge of losing consciousness."

In High Drama, Democrat Adman Takes Center Stage: Thirty-six-year-old adman J.J. Balaban has been at the center of some of this election season's most heated battles. Earlier this year, Mr. Balaban, who is part of the venerable Democrat shop Campaign Group, put together one of the most successful TV spots of the primary round when he helped Joe Sestak defeat incumbent Arlen Specter for the nomination for his Pennsylvania Senate seat, a surprising victory. ... Mr. Balaban has also been fighting the attention game against one of the most closely watched candidates this season: Tea Party star Christine O' Donnell. Mr. Balaban has been tasked with directing notice toward her Democrat opponent Christopher Coons.

Consumers Hearts Bleed Red -- and Blue: Forget red states and blue states for a second. Is your brand a red brand or a blue brand?

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