Ad Portrays Brave New World in Which China Owns the U.S.

Citizens Against Government Waste May Find Trouble Getting Air Time for Spot

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Remember back in the late '80s when we were convinced that the Japanese were going to buy up all of America and we'd be their wage slaves for all eternity despite kicking their butts in World War II? Well, now we're all sure China's going to buy us up. Of course, the situation's a little different now. China's not wasting its time buying Rockefeller Center, it's just sitting back and watching us spend ourselves deeper and deeper into debt. And China's a big, scary (sorta) communist country.

How will that turn out? Citizens Against Government Waste offers one scenario in its latest ad, created by D.C.-based McCarthy Marcus Hennings. In the spot, set in 2030, a Chinese professor gloats about the U.S. betraying its principals and crumbling. "So now they work for us," he chuckles. Check it out below.

The ad, however, might not see much TV time -- outside of media coverage, that is. According to a CAGW spokesperson, the ad has been rejected by The History Channel and A&E for being too controversial. (I'm going to guess now that the ad will bring up charges of xenophobia and, possibly, racism.)

The CAGW website says the ad is a tribute to 1986's "Deficit Trial," which was a) created by CAGW founder Peter Grace, b) directed by Ridley Scott and c) blocked from being seen on network TV. Back then, in those dark days before the internet, Grace went to local affiliates and cable networks and paid them to air it. Now, it can simply be released online.

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