The Ad-Spending Gap Between Clinton and Trump Just Got Even More Insane

And More Insights From the 22nd Ad Age 2016 Presidential Campaign Ad Scorecard

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Editor's note: Here's the 22nd installment of the 2016 Presidential Campaign Ad Scorecard. The chart below represents a collaboration between the Ad Age Datacenter -- specifically, Kevin Brown, Bradley Johnson and Catherine Wolf -- and Kantar Media's Campaign Media Analysis Group (CMAG). Some context from Simon Dumenco follows. --Ken Wheaton

"There's never been a presidential election quite like this" has been a recurring bit of analysis uttered, with a mix of awe and exasperation, by political pundits ever since Donald Trump first started gaining momentum.

But increasingly that feels like a drastic understatement. This isn't just an unprecedented campaign. It's a freakish, mind-blowing rupture in the political space-time continuum that's not only been shredding the traditional American campaign playbook, but has been leaving many of the usual kingmakers sidelined.

Rule No. 1 in the kingmakers' playbook: You have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising to wage a credible bid for the White House.

Unless you're Donald Trump. As part of our ongoing collaboration with Kantar Media's CMAG (Campaign Media Analysis Group), the Ad Age Datacenter has been tracking TV and radio ad spending by all the wannabe presidents in Campaign Scorecard posts published each Friday at See, for instance, the post we published on July 1: "Clinton and Pro-Hillary PACs Have Spent $192 Million More on TV and Radio Ads Than Trump and His Supporters."

At the moment, as you can see from the map on this page, designed by Ad Age's Chen Wu, the Trump playbook is about staying the skinflint course. From July 14 through Nov. 7 (including advance buys), Mr. Trump and his PAC supporters have booked a mere $654,455 in TV and radio advertising -- vs. $111 million by Hillary Clinton and pro-Clinton PACs.

The states with bookings for TV and/or radio advertising from the Clinton campaign are colored blue. States with bookings from both the Clinton and Trump campaigns are colored purple. Hover over the background colors in those states and you'll see a pop-up that shows the total or totals booked.

Booked Presidential Campaign Spending
on TV and radio from July 14 through Nov. 7
Hillary Clinton and pro-Clinton PACs: $111,009,819
Donald Trump and pro-Trump PACs: $654,455
Source: Ad Age analysis of data from Kantar Media's CMAG.
Ad buys (future buys subject to change) for presidential campaigns from July 14, 2016, through Nov. 7, 2016, as of July 13, 2016.
Some spending attributed to Hillary Clinton and PACs includes national cable and is not shown on the map.
Pay structures differ for candidates and PACs. Candidates pay the lowest unit rate. PACs pay whatever the market will bear.
Data include political action committees and advocacy groups.
Map by Ad Age Digital Content Producer Chen Wu.

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