Ad World Has a Crush on Obama

Barack's Consumer-Generated Media Just Happens to Be Made by Professionals

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NEW YORK ( -- Perhaps the most viewed bit of political advertising this campaign season is a four-minute-plus video for Barack Obama. "Yes We Can" -- a slick, celebrity-filled spot that has garnered more than 10 million online views -- was created by professionals. But none of them work for the Obama campaign.

Whether it will sway the outcome of the presidential race no one can know, but the ad certainly seems to encapsulate the fact that Mr. Obama has emerged as the darling of the advertising world's creative set. While Hillary Clinton and other candidates pay top dollar for ads and the bulk of their consumer-generated fare leaves much to be desired, Mr. Obama has benefited from free, consumer-created marketing. Many of the consumers in Obama's case just happen to be professional creatives. (READ MORE)
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