Clinton Ad Creators Droga and Goodby React to Loss

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Throughout the general election, much of the creative community put their ideas to work to help put Hillary Clinton in office -- or at least keep Donald Trump out. Some worked in an official capacity while others were personally compelled to get the message out. Sadly, their messages didn't register or reach enough people to put their candidate in office, but the creators are putting on a brave face and are prepared to move forward.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Founders Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein along with some of their team members had created their own an anti-Trump campaign, "History Is Watching." It included spots that revisited Trump's buffoonish water bottle tirade against former opponent Marco Rubio and juxtaposed some of Trump's most inflammatory statements with words of wisdom from our founding fathers on Mt. Rushmore. There was also an anti-Trump ad generator that allowed viewers to cut together their own ad opposing the candidate.

Post-election day, Mr. Goodby said, "I think there's a basic decency and goodness inherent in the American people that gives us a saving momentum in times like these. It is my hope that Mr. Trump will put aside a lot of the stuff he said during the campaign and be a good president. He's a New Yorker. He's going to say shit. But hopefully, as a New Yorker, he's got a heart. I'm expecting him to be a lot less radical than people think."

Droga5 was officially tapped by the Clinton campaign to create some of its ads, including the much talked about "Role Models" spot that depicted children transfixed to their TV screens, watching some of Donald Trump's most offensive media moments. It also produced a poignant commercial that "took 40 years to make" in that it followed Mrs. Clinton's entire career, connecting dialogue from her various talks into a single, seamless speech to show how her support for children and families has unwavered over the decades.

"Regardless of how I feel personally, I cannot dismiss the outcome," Droga5 Creative Chairman and Founder David Droga said. "Because that's the thing about true democracy, you can't only believe and support it when it goes your way. We just need to move forward with open minds and mutual respect for one another, as that will define more where we are going, than the election result itself."

Clinton Campaign Logo
Clinton Campaign Logo

Pentagram Partner Michael Bierut, who designed the Clinton campaign logo, posted an opinion piece on Design Observer today co-written with fellow designer Jessica Helfand. He, too, said he was looking to the American people for the country's next step.

"Today, as a new administration beckons, let's remember who we are, what we do, and how we can remain resolute in the face of what feels to so many of us like such a bruising defeat," he wrote. "How we can restore dignity to communication. How we can exchange hubris for humility. How we can, indeed, how we must bear in mind that democracy is about who we are, not who's temporarily in office."

"We remain, now as ever, citizens of a world where inclusiveness will always trump ignorance," Mr. Beirut added. "Designers often think of themselves as problem solvers: so let's start solving some problems. The voting may be over, but the work is just beginning."

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