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Anna Wintour Solicits for Barack Obama Campaign

Vogue Editor-in-Chief Invites Folks to a Dinner With Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama

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As part of the latest fundraising effort, the Obama campaign has turned to Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour. She tells prospective donors about a fabulous dinner in New York she is hosting with First Lady Michelle Obama and Sarah Jessica Parker on June 14.

It's yet another of these sweepstakes to pull some commoner out of the masses to dine with the high and mighty. Wintour's delivery here isn't going to dispel any myths about her. And while some people may be fascinated with Wintour, they're fascinated in the way one is fascinated by a leopard or cheetah -- you'd like to get close to it, but you know it probably won't end well.

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