Barack Does Away With 'Convention' in New Spot

Candidates Will Have to Start Hitting Harder Sooner or Later

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In Barack Obama's latest spot in New Hampshire, the candidate talks about the need for breaking free of conventional thinking.

It's one of those inspirational spots about America being a beacon of light and leading with its values. That's nice and all, but I'm not sure that this differentiates him any from the other candidates. The problem with high-minded political ads such as these is that all the candidates sound alike when aspiring to noble goals. The one possible point of differentiation -- that he'd talk to friends and foes alike -- is glossed over too quickly and would probably mean nothing to those who hadn't been paying close attention to all of the debates so far.

It might be too soon to start going negative, but he's going to have to throw harder punches than this if he wants to gain substantial ground on Hillary Clinton.
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